A Fresh Start in 2017

Happy New Year folks!

The past few weeks have brought rain to my little town in Southern California. This cleared the air and made for an amazing first day of 2017. Everything is fresh and clean as a new year should be!

Yesterday the universe blessed me with a double rainbow:


What better omen for a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year could one ask for? Speaking of omens, why does that word carry such negative connotations? (Thanks Hollywood!)

Let’s instead say it offers the promise of a fabulous year.

This year I hope to finish book two of my PROVECTUS series (and the screenplay for book one). It has been difficult to write this second book. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know if anyone really cares if there will actually be a book two or not? Or if it’s because now that I’ve done it once, I know how much work still stands ahead of me? LOL!

As for the first question, I do know a few people that have asked for a sequel. They are loyal fans and by god they deserve a second book if they want one! So for you – my wonderful readers – I will continue writing the second book (the name of which I will reveal later in the year).

As for the second question, well YEAH writing is hard. But it’s also fun and rewarding, right? That’s why we do it! That’s why I do it anyway. If all it was was hard, there are things I’d rather be doing with my time.

So I wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year of doing whatever it is you most enjoy!

Happy New Year