PROVECTUS Sequel is with BookBaby!

I’m excited to announce that the sequel to PROVECTUS: Survival of the Fittest is with my new publisher, BookBaby! I would have loved to publish my second book with my original publisher, She Writes Press, but the book was too short. It would not have been available to order as print-on-demand and I really wanted that. So I turned to BookBaby.

It has taken many years for me to complete the sequel to my debut novel. Perhaps it shouldn’t have taken that long, but life always seemed to be more important (or at least more demanding) than fiction. I actually finished it during a solo writing retreat back in the summer of 2020 in Breckenridge, Colorado. (Covid was just ramping up!)

Before sending it to the publisher, I reread it many times. Each time, I still enjoyed the story. Which is a good sign!

Interestingly, book two is being published just one year before my original story takes place. At the time I wrote the first novel (staring back in January of 2012), the year 2024 sounded so far away. But I was careful not to get carried away with “futuristic” stuff. I think I came pretty close to reality!

I will post again when the book is available to purchase. Keep an eye out for “Calm Before the Storm.” Coming soon to a bookshelf (virtual or otherwise) near you!