I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed with She Writes Press! (@shewritespress)

Today I signed a contract with She Writes Press for the publication of my first novel!

It has been a long journey to get to this day. I spent four years writing the novel and almost another year querying agents. Some of the responses I got were:

[An agent at a Writer’s Digest pitch slam] “Sounds really interesting! Send me your first 50 pages.” I sent them, then . . . *crickets.*

“This project does not seem right for our agency.”

“This has a bit of overlap with a novel I recently handled [sold], so I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of representing both.” (Really? Why? Doesn’t that tell you that mine would likely sell as well?)

And the one that hurt the most – from my dream agent (who will remain unnamed): “You clearly have the ability to write, but this didn’t grab me by the ears.”

Sound at all familiar, fellow writers?

Anyway, as I get closer to the publication date (Fall 2016) I’ll speak to why I think they really didn’t want to take a chance on it. But that’s not important anymore.

I decided to approach She Writes Press, a hybrid – or “partnership” – publication model. While it is an author-subsidized press, what you get for your money is a team that is behind you and your book 100%. They help you with the back cover copy, the cover design, and the layout for each of the seemingly endless array of eBook formats. They project manage your book journey. Which is just what I needed.

Brooke Warner, publisher at She Writes Press, has been so patient and supportive through the whole due diligence process (I’m sure she began to dread my emails) as well as extremely flexible throughout contract discussions. She ROCKS. And I’m sure everyone else on my new team will be just as amazing as she is.

And as of 12:54 PM Pacific Standard Time on November 6, 2015 I am a signed author!

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